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With an authentic site like Lordship Titles, acquiring the title of lordship is now possible in a few simple steps, and you do not even need to purchase a piece of land for the purpose. At first glance, it may seem impossible, but makes it possible in just a few simple steps.

Let us walk you through the process and also help you understand what the title entails.

Becoming a lord-what does it mean

Conventionally, one can become a lord through acquiring a piece of land, marrying someone who has inherited a parcel of land or having it bestowed through the House of Commons. While all the three methods are legal, they are expensive or quite difficult to realize.

The fourth option is purchasing a title, which is inexpensive and doesn't require you to buy land. So, unless you want to change your name for avoiding legal implications or financial obligations, the UK and international laws allow you to choose any name you want.

Having said that, if it’s always been a desire of yours to call yourself a lord or a lady or gift the title to someone special, lordship titles can do that for you.

How to become a lord

To purchase the title, simply enter the requisite details on the website and confirm your order. Within 24 hours, you will receive

·    *    A handmade registration certificate with a gold foil seal as proof of authenticity

·    *    A Title Deed, which reflects your title change.

·    *    A kit that will guide you in incorporating the title change in your official documents. 

You can use the title of lord or lady instead of Mr. and Mrs or Miss and can also have it added in legal documents like ID, passport or driver’s license. Lordship-Titles releases selected titles every month, so if you acquire a lord or lady title, you join a select group of individuals who enjoy the perks and privileges that come with the title.

Once the title is added to your name, get ready to enjoy special favours and privileges, including booking upgrades for hotel reservations and airline tickets, special invites to and preferential treatment at restaurants and shows etc.