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What are Lordship titles?

 In the past, becoming a royal was something that mere peasants couldn't even dream of. Now that we're in the contemporary era, there are more ways to become a royal without all the stress and drama that comes with it. Lordship titles are a straightforward way of acquiring a lord or lady title.  A Lordship title consists in a certificate that authenticates your royal position. Any person can purchase them for a determined price, and some companies offer personalized titles if that's what you're interested in.  What are the qualifications you need to get a Lordship Title?  People don't need to comply with specific prerequisites to be eligible for a Lordship Title. As it is basically a certificate you purchase, any person can do it as long as they meet the monetary requirements.  In the past, people only could become a royal by marrying a person that was already a lord or lady, by becoming part of the House of Lords or Purchasing a portion of the land that someone und